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Nov 05, 2019 · Ahram Online publishes a translated version of the "Declaration of Principles" signed by Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in a step to put an end to a four-year dispute over Nile water sharing

The latest technology is the refractive surgery of myopia, Hyperopia and astigmatism: FEMTO LDV Lasik is creation of the corneal flap using a computer controlled laser. FEMTO LDV Lasik minimizes the risks of the flap creation such as incomplete cut of flap. Dr. Haifa eye Hospital is the only Hospital in Bahrain provides this type of advanced

The basis for the production of CBD is tiny trichomes that cover cannabis plant flowers. They protect the plant from excessive ultraviolet radiation, insects, bacteria, and fungi.Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2 Receptor Expression Is Promoted by…https://jvi.asm.org/contentChitin-bead precipitates and cell lysates were immunoblotted for detection of CBD (Vkorc1v2), vIL-6, and S-tag (IGF2R). (C) Chitin bead-based precipitation analyses of (endogenous) IGF2R interactions with Vkorc1v2-CBD (v2-CBD) and vIL-6-CBD…

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